FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most common and uncommon FAQ's

Does "Bespoke Marketing & Consultancy" mean that it is very expensive?

The short answer is NO of course it doesn’t mean that.

A slightly longer answer is that our experts agree that the standard template “one size fits all” marketing strategy is cheaper to start but the ROI doesn’t justify the expenditure.

Instead Conscious Consultancy Group focuses it’s attention on creating a unique tailor made solution for your company, website or project. Standard template marketing strategies five you things that you don’t need or should ever use.

So what makes it different for you?

  • Marketing strategies based on you, your company and your position in the marketplace.
  • We only advise you to pay for services that you truly need or that truly will benefit you.
  • Multi channel approach resulting in the best possible ROI for your investment.
  • Global understanding of the local marketplace(s), culture and customs.

It might seem at first that our services are more expensive to start with. The value and return on your investment far outweighs the cheaper options.

Why don't you have your prices on your website?

There are many agencies out there that are happy to list their pricing on their websites. They provide template plans and standard services.

If you want one of those generic options then feel free to opt for those agencies.

Conscious Consultancy Group has never worked that way. We don’t offer standard services and run of the mill solutions. Throughout our experiences running campaigns across the globe we understand that each business is unique. And as such each business requires a unique marketing plan to get the best results.

What we rather focus on is understanding your needs and goals. And based on those unique needs and goals we will develop a custom bespoke marketing plan that is designed to deliver on your goals and needs.

You must understand that pricing therefore can not be standardized and as such can’t be listed on our website. Pricing is different for each client as each client will have their own unique needs and goals. Pricing will also change within each client’s portfolio as their needs and goals change as their business grows.

We believe that if you are not using a service then you should never ever pay for it.

I am not ready for a consultation yet, but I do have some questions. How can I contact you?

That is no problem. We totally understand it if you have some questions first.

There is always the chance of booking a free 15 minute brief chat through the link at the bottom of the page. But if you rather send us an email you always can send us one at:


We look forward to receiving your email.

We already have our marketing team, can you work with them or train them?

Of course we can work with them. If needed we can even train them.

Conscious Consultancy Group believes in education, education and education of our clients. We believe in sharing our knowledge both with the individual client as well their (in-house) marketing teams.

Feel free to contact us to find out more.

I don't need a marketing plan.. Just a new website.

That is absolutely no problem. We work with the WordPress Content Management System. There is no reason why your website shouldn’t be your number one sales person for your company.

Our expertise lies in building conversion orientated, responsive websites based on the latest technologies and innovations.

Or if you just need to give your existing website a little makeover and let us take care of all the technical things for ongoing maintenance we can do that too.

So how does your pricing work? Monthly fees? Project based fees? Some different way?

Now that is a question that deserves a proper explanation.

The short answer is that it is all three. Sometimes to the same client. The way we work is that certain projects or services suit a one of project fee.

For our services such as the social media management, website maintenance, branding and advertisement campaigns they tend to be the monthly flat fee. This is normally for a period of either 6 or 12 month contracts as they tend to be bring a better ROI for your investment.

Other services such as website design, event assistance, project management, video production etc lend themselves to a project based fee. Although if you are doing these in monthly cycles then it could be the case you maximize your potential through one of our flat monthly fee services.

But as always we believe that each business and project is unique. So we will work with you to find the best possible fit for you and your business.

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