Social Media

We have the technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people. When it comes to marketing goals, now is the time to tackle your strategy with full force.

Social media strategy

We conduct a deep audit of your social media marketing strategy and with our insights and your KPIs, we’ll co-design a roadmap based on audience motivations, and channel opportunities.


Digital behavior varies from platform to platform. We consult with your team on how to set and reach your goals in an ever-changing social media landscape.

Content creation

We write, design, animate and film creative content based on relevant
data and human insights.


The key to getting the social media results is focusing on the proper channels and activities. Targeting the appropriate communities and outlets to achieve your personal or professional goals is a calculated method and not one that you should manage alone.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is definitely not new, and almost everyone who’s used it is familiar with its marketing aspect. However, not everyone is familiar with its marketing strategies, and more importantly, the very special tools it provides to those looking to expand their presence in the marketplace.

The challenge and opportunity of social media

A lot changes in social media, and fast. Algorithms update, users switch platforms, and new features emerge, making it tough to reach people and build a loyal following.

Our Specialized Service Areas

On the other hand we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the charms of pleasure of the moment so blinded by desire that they cannot.

Facebook Marketing

Through Facebook marketing, we target audiences based on interests, demographics, location and behaviour that are most likely to convert into paying customers.

Social Media

It’s never been easier (and more competitive) to launch a lucrative paid social campaign. Today’s social platforms are the strongest marketing tools ever made.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the largest video platform on the web, the second largest search engine after Google and the second biggest social media channel after Facebook.

Best Business Plans and Packages

The best paid social strategies are designed for long-term success, not just capturing a few flimsy one-time customers.

Popular Choice

Silver Plan

The perfect package for small businesses and startups.

139Per Month

  • Weekday posts on Twitter
  • Weekday posts on Facebook
  • 2 posts per week on Instagram
  • Handpicked, curated content
  • Regular promotion of products
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Monthly custom graphics
  • Email and WhatsApp support
  • Monthly plan – no contract

Popular Choice

Gold Plan

Great for businesses wanting to improve their online presence.

233Per Month

  • 2 daily posts on Twitter
  • 2 daily posts on Facebook
  • Daily posts on LinkedIn
  • Weekday posts on Instagram
  • Handpicked, curated content
  • Custom graphics every week
  • Regular promotion of products
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Email and WhatsApp support
  • Monthly plan – no contrac

Popular Choice

Platinum Plan

Bespoke social management packages, built for your business.

325+Per Month

  • Daily content on all networks
  • Take part in Twitter hours
  • Video content creation
  • Daily custom graphics
  • Regular catch-up calls
  • More time to strategise
  • Audience growth services
  • Monthly blog posts
  • Paid ad management
  • Monthly plan – no contract